Silkworms anatomy and production

Ul Cristée (The Cristee Ritual)

Propitiatory rite


Silkworms are gold

Practical Silkworm Rearing


The dryers

Cocoons processed before going to the mill


The role of women in silkworm rearing

It is precisely our farmers' wives who must bring the silkworm rearing of our province back to its former glory


Cristée dominée

Propitiatory rite


Silkworms and religion, blessing of the seed

My father carried the Christ in procession. He would wear a white smock and carry the large cross.


Silkworm experts

Assistance in silkworm rearing


A few words to our farmer's wives

Practical advice for silkworm rearing


“Incitement to silkworm rearing”

For the farmland in question, the committee specifically relies on the collaboration of the Rev(d) Parish Priests


Silk farming in the Lecco area



O sciur padrún i cavalé van mal (Oh Master, Sir, the silkworms are going bad)

Song about silkworm rearing


Farmers, have faith and cultivate again this year

The corporations, as willed by the head of state, will concern themselves with the silk problem...



Società Anonima Bacologica Italiana (Italian Silkworm Rearing Limited Company)


The price of cocoons

The Santa Maria Hoé market


1931. Drop in production

Statistics on the production of cocoons


Awards for farmers

Propaganda poster


Mulberry production

Statistics on mulberry leaf production


For silk farming, it has been agreed

It should be noted that our area particularly needs to devote great care...


Silkworms anatomy and life cycle



silkworm production at Abegg Museum

Silkworm at the Museum


“Càta la föia (Collect the leaves)

Song about silkworm rearing


Mulberry leaf production

Statistics and figures


Silkworm rearing season

Records and figures on silkworm production


Promoting white cocoons

Letters to the chief magistrates